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 WEEK 4 (thru Friday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 4 (thru Friday)   Sat Oct 28, 2017 12:08 pm

"And the award for Best Goaltender in a Supporting Role goes to..... Oscar Dansk," the third-string, expansion team goaltender providing his embattled Vegas Vipers squad with a crucial 32 save, 6.4 point shutout on Friday.

Central Red Army: 40.6
Vegas Vipers: 40.9

The Central Red Army and Vegas Vipers continue to exchange haymakers, the Vipers getting the better of the GM Buker in the 5th round of this scheduled seven round bout, GM Miller's team back in front, leading the Army by 0.3.

Wild Ducks: 23.0
Ice Hogs: 21.6

Don't look now but the once-out-if-it Ice Hogs are within 1.4 points of the still-waddling Wild Ducks, a 4.0 point Friday lifting the Hogs into seventh place overall, just 26.5 points back.

Polar Bears: 21.1
Bluliners: 40.9

The best score of the week has the Bluliners beating the Polar Bears by 19.8, a 4.1 point Friday placing the second place team just 0.6 steps from the Wild Ducks front door.

Mooses: 17.9
Misconducts: 31.8

All signs are pointing to the Misconducts exiting Week 4 with a perfect 4-0 record, GM Smalley's squad now a fat 13.9 points better than the meandering Mooses.

Boulder Flyers: 19.1
Ice Cats: 33.2

Another day another increased lead for the Ice C.... well, you know the drill, a league-best 7.9 point Friday placing the Ice Cats in third place overall, now 14.1 points better than the flat Flyers.

SC Cobras: 22.3
Badger Bob: 24.8

The SC Cobras only found 4.0 points on Friday but it was four points more than Badger Bob uncovered, the snakes now poised for a comeback win, trailing the Bobs by 2.5 with 15 games still to be played.

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 4 (thru Friday)
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