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 What changes would you make to the NHL?

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Let's Go Pens!!!


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PostSubject: What changes would you make to the NHL?   Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:41 pm

Let's hear from you fellow FHL GMs. If you follow the NHL, then I assume you have an opinion. Don't keep it to yourself.

Currently, the NHL GMs are meeting somewhere warm such as Scottsdale, AZ or West Palm Beach, FL. Rules changes are being discussed.

MAKE THE NHL GREAT AGAIN!!! (Actually, make it greater than it already is. Just basking in the glow.)

If I were representing Mario and the Penguins, here is what I would be pushing:

# # #

What changes should be made to playoff format?

I say what we have now is bullcrap. Keep the existing divisions. Top eight teams in each conference make playofs by points regardless of having been a division winner.

Then, re-seed after each playoff round. Team remaining with most points in regular season plays team remaining with least points.

# # #

Should the red line return or not?

I say red line returns to slow down flow of play and reduce speed of collisions, thereby enhancing player safety.

With this, two-line pass offside returns.

# # #

Should a team have to kill an entire two-minute minor penalty?

The rule has been team gets a skater back from minor penalty after one power-play goal has been scored since the mid-1950s and since I have been been watching in the late 1960s. I am OK with that.

# # #

Keep video review of offside/onside?

I say yes. And expand it to monitor for two-line passes with red line back.

I don't care how long it takes. Just get important calls right.

# # #

Should a team killing a minor penalty have to move the puck past its own blueline to avoid icing or be called for icing?

Absolutely. And the following faceoff takes place in the D zone of the team killing the minor penalty. The team that is shorthanded is at a disadvantage. Being able to shoot the puck length of ice from your own zone without incurring icing is a nice advantage for team killing minor penalty.

# # #

Should the size of goal be increased and the size of goaltender equipment further reduced?

No need to bleep with size of goal and further with size of goaltender equipment. This isn't the God-awful NBA or even worse, shudder, WNBA where someone needs to see a gazillion points scored to be entertained.

# # #

Should a team get three points for a win in regulation?

Of all of these rule changes, this is second on my list after changing the playoff format. Incentivizes teams to go for it. This assumes that the current five-minute overtime and shootout stay.

If I had my druthers, no overtime and no shootout. Enough after 60 minutes. Don't need to further expose players to chance of injury. Overtime stays special for playoffs. In playoffs, they can play all night until a winning goal is scored.

# # #

And what about the Coyotes?

I say enough is enough. Move them to Seattle, which, I believe, has an arena ready.

If Coyotes move to Quebec, causes problem with number of teams in each conference. And do not want Red Wings and/or Blue Jackets moved back to the Western Conference. Not fair to them to be a ping pong ball.

# # #

Does Quebec deserve a team?


# # #

Chester's Corner out!!!
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PostSubject: Re: What changes would you make to the NHL?   Thu Mar 09, 2017 9:08 am

Three points for a win, yes.

Reduce the size of goalie equipment, absolutely yes. Jersey's are far too big and pads should be just wide enough to protect the limbs.

Won't happen because of $$ but a wider ice surface - European style - would be nice

Reduce the number of teams.  Far too many already. Absolutely no need for a Vegas team. Consolidate some of the crap American teams and ship them to Canada.
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PostSubject: Re: What changes would you make to the NHL?   Thu Mar 09, 2017 1:15 pm

Agree with morganwigge except for the teams. Move a crap team to Quebec.
I like the o.t. Hate ties. 3 on 3 until there's a winner.
Also all penalties should reduce players on the ice until 3

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PostSubject: Re: What changes would you make to the NHL?   

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What changes would you make to the NHL?
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