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 WEEK 20 (thru Tuesday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 20 (thru Tuesday)   Wed Mar 01, 2017 11:33 am

The Central Red Army have launched an all-out assault on the headquarters of the Ice Hogs, an aggressive 22.7 point Tuesday placing the marching squadron just 23.6 steps from first place and it's $500.00 booty.

Central Red Army: 27.3
Between the Pipes: 7.0

One day after leveling the town of Third Place, the Central Red Army commandeered Second Place, the on-the-march squad now perched on the outskirts of Icehogville. The Army also appear to have another win tucked into their knapsack, leading Between the Pipes by 20.3 points.

Ice Hogs: 8.5
Badger Bob: 13.7

In desperate need of a victory, Badger Bob is finally playing like a desperate team, the backs-against-the-wall Bobs unleashing 12.7 points on Tuesday, the underdog franchise now leading the heavily-favored and first place Ice Hogs by 5.2 points.

Wild Ducks: 12.5
Ice Cats: 26.0

After an exhausting 23.0 point Monday, the Ice Cats mostly rested on Tuesday. The Wild Ducks fumbled the golden opportunity, a just okay 7.5 point performance leaving GM Collard's third place squad 13.5 points behind the capricious Cats.

Misconducts: 11.9
Polar Bears: 12.8

The Misconducts were better than the Polar Bears on Tuesday but GM Smalley's 4th place team is still on the outside looking in, trailing the Bears by 0.9 points with now, five days remaining in the week.

Bluliners: 8.0
SC Cobras: 16.2

The SC Cobras continue to dine on the Bluliners, a healthy 11.2 Tuesday providing GM Murphy's hungry snakes with an 8.2 point lead.

Boulder Flyers: 13.7
Silicon Valley Slashers: 10.3

With 10 goals and 4 assists in his past six games, Filip Forsberg has officially entered Gretzky-like land, the surging Boulder Flyers now 3.4 points better than the Silicon Valley Slashers.

LINK: Standings
LINK: Playoff Standings[/b]
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WEEK 20 (thru Tuesday)
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