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 WEEK 16 (thru Friday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 16 (thru Friday)   Sat Feb 04, 2017 10:47 am

Phil Kessel pumped a healthy dose of fuel into the Bluliners near-empty tank, a 7.0 point performance (2g, 1a) lifting his playoff bubble team to within 3.6 points of the Ice Hogs and a pivotal, much-needed win.

Ice Hogs: 49.8
Bluliners: 46.2

There is little room for error as a loss could shove the Bluliners out of the playoff picture. Their backs against the wall, the B's put their nose to the grindstone on Friday, a league-best 9.0 points keeping GM Hamilton's squad Week 16 relevant. The Ice Hogs were relatively quiet but it wasn't all doom and gloom, GM Henry's evicted squad inching closer to their former home, now trailing the 1st place Misconducts by only 5.2 points.

Misconducts: 63.6
Boulder Flyers: 54.3

The Fat Lady was on call before the puck even dropped on this match, the worst H2H record Boulder Flyers (3-12) pitted against the best H2H record Misconducts (12-3). Despite taking a number of shots to the chin, the Boulder Flyers are still standing, a 5.0 point Friday placing the Buster-Douglas-wannabe squad only 9.3 points behind the heavily-favored Misconducts.

Wild Ducks: 61.4
Badger Bob: 69.3

If two is company and three's a crowd, the top of the FHL standings is starting to get crowded; the Wild Ducks now just 11.5 points behind the 1st place Misconducts. Despite the good overall news, the Ducks continue to get badgered by Badger Bob, the playoff-motivated team still leading this heated duel, a 5.8 point Friday providing GM Chester with a 7.9 point lead.

Ice Cats: 77.3
Central Red Army: 67.9

Standing just outside of the playoffs, the Ice Cats are plenty motivated to win. GM Cutshall's now-or-never situation is squeezing the best out of his team, the Cats Week 16 tally still tops among the 12 FHL teams. Meanwhile GM Buker has to be thinking "what's a guy gotta do to get a win around here," a superb 67.9 point week dumping his Central Red Army squadron almost 10.0 points back.

Between the Pipes: 58.5
Silicon Valley Slashers: 51.2

A loss will essentially eliminate Between the Pipes from any chance of post-season play. As such, the Silicon Valley Slashers - themselves, desperately in need of a win - will do battle with a highly motivated opponent on the weekend. With eight of the ten Week 16 cards dealt, GM Miller holds the better hand, his Pipes leading GM Murphy's Slashers by 7.3 points.

SC Cobras: 65.2
Polar Bears: 55.8

With a record of 9-5-1, GM Murphy isn't perspiring as his SC Cobras are resting comfortably inside of the playoffs. The same can't be said for GM Elya and his sweat-drenched brow, his Polar Bears on the verge of playoff extinction, trailing the snakes by 9.4 points with only two loud ticks remaining on the Week 16 clock.

LINK: Standings
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PostSubject: The commish on a roll    Sat Feb 04, 2017 4:35 pm

NICE headline...and a Buster Douglas mention.

Unfortunately, no category in the Pulitzer Prize competition covers fantasy sports. But if there was, Morganwigge would be getting the call year after year. The commish is clearly on a roll behind the keyboard.

Acceptance speeches would have to include thanking thank active FHL franchises as well as those that are gone, such as Ice Pirates, Rehabs and the immortal Chicks Dig Scars.

Lastly, have to mention a franchise that has morphed, Scott C.'s Haps/Wild Ducks, with Mario Lemieux delivering 318 fantasy points for the then Haps in 1995-96 season.

It's all good.

# # #

For future use, Paul, since Buster Douglas has been unleashed on us:

Chuck "the Bayonne Bleeder" Wepner. Bayonne is city in northern NJ near NYC.

Wepner a former pro boxer in heavyweight weight class. He once fought Cassius Clay for title and lost, although the bout was surprisingly close. afro lol!

Wepner scored a knockdown just after halfway before Clay rallied to end it with 19 seconds left in last (15th) round. Back then, title fights went 15.


Wepner also "fought" a boxer versus wrestler bout against Andre the Giant.

Wepner arguably was the inspiration for Stallone's "Rocky" character.

Here you have a NJ connection with two FHL franchises in NJ.
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WEEK 16 (thru Friday)
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