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 WEEK 15 (thru Friday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 15 (thru Friday)   Sat Jan 21, 2017 1:37 pm

Thought to be well past his prime at 36 years of age, Ryan Miller has resurrected his game, the sixth round draft choice posting yet another win for his Wild Ducks team, turning aside 34 of 35 shots on Friday.

Silicon Valley Slashers: 19.4
Wild Ducks: 50.1

In front of a small, somber gathering, the Fat Lady performed last rites on Friday evening, the Silicon Valley Slashers now trailing by 30.7 points. Meanwhile - while most of the FHL world is focused on the battle between the Ice Hogs and Misconducts, the Wild Ducks have quietly crept to within 25.0 points of 1st place; GM Collard's stealthy team now just 0.2 points in back of 2nd.

Boulder Flyers: 31.4
Ice Cats: 42.7

The Ice Cats Damage Control Department (ICDCD) had an easy night on Friday as there was no damage to control, GM Cutshall's squad now leading this H2H mismatch by 11.3 points.

Central Red Army: 44.0
Bluliners: 32.1

The Bluliners collected only 4.0 points on Friday yet it was one point more than the Central Red Army unearthed, the Bluliners still with a puncher's chance, trailing by 11.9 points with two days remaining in the week.

Misconducts: 29.5
Ice Hogs: 32.0

This back-and-forth match will be won by the team that is forth on Sunday evening, the 1st place Ice Hogs currently seated in the forth chair, leading the 2nd place Misconducts by 2.5 points.

Polar Bears: 41.1
Between the Pipes: 23.0

After two disappointing days GM Elya finally has a reason to smile, an 8.0 point evening providing his Polar Bears team with a much-more-comfortable-than-yesterday 18.1 point lead.

SC Cobras: 22.9
Badger Bob: 22.7

The points generated by the SC Cobras and Badger Bob doesn't place them at the head of the Week 15 class - but the match remains the most intriguing of the bunch, the playoff bubble Bobs trailing GM Murphy's snakes by a scant 0.2 points.

LINK: Standingsญญญญญ
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PostSubject: ICDCD inspires...   Sat Jan 21, 2017 6:52 pm

Hopefully, the ICDCD listens to AC/DC while doing its thing. Heavy metal should up productivity, I think. A little "Back in Black," "Thunderstuck," "Hells Bells," etc.

In the wonderful world of heavy metal, can't go wrong with AC/DC and, of course, Ozzy/Black Sabbath, the creators of the music type. If these don't work, there's always Metalica, Motley Crue and more.

Ozzy/Black Sabbath at the top of my list. The first BIG ARENA concert I attended: December 1976 Madison Square Garden, NYC, with Ted Nugent opening for the original Black Sabbath. WOW WHAT A SHOW!!! Have been a fan of all who performed on stage since then!!!

The Sabbath tour was promoting the "Technical Ecstasy" album. As I became a fan, realized this was NOT one of my favorite albums from Sabbath. But it was the reason I came into the fan fold in the first place.

Did any of our Detroit owners catch Ozzy/Sabbath at good old Cobo Hall back in the day?

If you look at the photo from the 1970s I attached, the band member on the far left is drummer Bill Ward. Unreal that Ward then looked like BRENT BURNS of the San Jose Sharks of the NHL and the SC Cobras of the FHL looks now.

And since Badger Bob is battling with Burns and the SC Cobras, this all works out just fine.

(In case you want to know the others in the photo, they are, left to right, vocals Ozzy Osbourne, guitar Tony Iommi (really a great guitar player) and bass Geezer Butler.)

# # #

BTW, Paul was on a roll in this write-up with the ICDCD and the Miller label. Tipping the Badger Bob helmet to Morganwigge.

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WEEK 15 (thru Friday)
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