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PostSubject: WEEK 14 (FINAL)   Mon Jan 16, 2017 11:22 am

Bluliners headquarters was adorned with a new lawn sign on Monday morning - compliments of smart-ass Morgan - the Bluliners succumbing to the woeful Boulder Flyers for a second time.

Boulder Flyers: 41.6
Bluliners: 41.0

After the Bluliners carded 6.0 points on Sunday, a late Robby Fabbri assist proved to be the difference, the Flyer forward lifting his team past GM Hamilton's slack-jawed team. The victory was only the third for GM Morgan's squad, his team still buried in the Probert division with a record of 3-11. The Bluliners slipped to the edge of playoff contention, their 7-7 record just good enough for post-season play. Overall, the Bluliners remain nestled in 4th place, their hole now 69.1 points deep.

Central Red Army: 58.1
Ice Hogs: 53.0

The Ice Hogs made some noise on Sunday but the noise wasn't loud enough to catch the Central Red Army, GM Buker's team improving to 9-5 with the impressive victory. The Army remain two games behind the Misconducts in the Domi. The overall standings find the Army in 5th place, 74.4 points behind first place but just 31.3 points shy of the money. The Hogs slipped to 9-4-1 in defeat. The loss stung a little but the Hogs overall performance kept a smile on GM Henry's face, his team capping the week with a 22.3 point lead in the Cup-chase standings.

Misconducts: 49.0
Ice Cats: 28.6

The Ice Cats were the worst team of the week, a 28.6 point effort leaving GM Cutshall's squad in 7th place overall, a thick 93.2 points behind the first place Ice Hogs. H2H-wise, the Cats are still playoff worthy, their record now 7-7. It was a bittersweet week for the Misconducts as they couldn't snare the Ice Hogs but they did win their 11th match of the season. With the best record in the league, the Misconducts are skating toward a first round bye in the H2H playoffs.

Between the Pipes: 57.3
Wild Ducks: 51.2

The upset of the week finds Between the Pipes outpointing the Wild Ducks, GM Miller's team now 5-9 for the season; just two games removed from the H2H playoffs. Still trapped in the basement, the Pipes have the Boulder Flyers in their sight, trailing the 11th place team by 23.8 points. The Wild Ducks are now 9-5 for the year; still on top of the Grimson division, their lead currently two games. Overall, the Ducks remain in 3rd place, now 43.1 points behind the Hogs; 20.8 points behind the 2nd place Misconducts.

SC Cobras: 60.1
Silicon Valley Slashers: 58.2

A brilliant 58.2 point week netted only a loss of GM Murphy, his hard-luck Silicon Valley Slashers falling to the team that scored the most Week 14 points. The loss has dropped the Slashers out of post-season play, their 6-8 record leaving them one game behind two playoff teams. The SC Cobras are now 8-5-1, safely in the playoffs, 2.5 games behind the Misconducts in the stacked Domi division. In search of their first FHL Cup, the Cobras close the week in 6th place, 78.5 rows from the main stage; 35.4 points behind 3rd place and it's $100.00 prize.

Badger Bob: 46.9
Polar Bears: 35.0

Badger Bob are playoff worthy, their record now 7-7 after dismantling the Polar Bears. GM Chester's team enters Week 15 as the 9th best team in the league, the second year franchise 113.7 points behind the best of the FHL; the money (3rd place) 70.6 points in the distance. The must-win week produced another loss for GM Elya's team. The Polar Bears are now 4-10 on the year; a record than leaves the defending champion closer to the H2H basement than the H2H playoffs. Overall, the Bears are still sitting on the 10th rung of the FHL ladder, 138.5 points behind the position they held last year.

Central Red Army v. Bluliners
Boulder Flyers v. Ice Cats
Ice Hogs v. Misconducts
Badger Bob v. SC Cobras
Silicon Valley Slashers v. Wild Ducks
Polar Bears v. Between the Pipes

LINK: Standingsญญญญญ
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PostSubject: A temporary name change?   Mon Jan 16, 2017 11:11 pm

Bluliners disappear for a short time, changing the team name to Machus Red Foxes, and then unlike Jimmy Hoffa return refreshed and ready to rock like a Dustin Byfuglien body check?

Ken, please take this in good cheer. Badger Bob has a L courtesy of Boulder Flyers. If there is a rematch and the Boulder Flyers win again, I will have to consider this suggestion myself!!!

A potential temporary team logo is below.

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PostSubject: One other comment on this   Mon Jan 16, 2017 11:28 pm

A fox ran across road in front of my car Saturday night on my way home. It was like a rocket. There was no danger of me hitting it.

So temporary change to Machus Red Foxes from Bluliners could mean upping the tempo of fantasy play like the Penguins and to a lesser extent the Maple Leafs. So not necessarily a bad thing.

I live on edge of city. But half mile to the north is an area with lots of wild life. Deer are all over the place. And yes, fox. And more. Definitely coyotes.

There is a lot of open space -- a golf course (Trenton County Club), a mental hospital (Trenton Psychiatric Hospital, which when it was built in 1848 kinda looked like the Traverse City State Hospital), the Marie Katzenbach School for the Deaf and the New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance campus.

Needless to say, high beams on the Jag are on EVERY TIME I drive on that road at night. I have had some much closer calls with animals on that road than the other night.
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PostSubject: Re: WEEK 14 (FINAL)   

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