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 WEEK 8 (thru Saturday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 8 (thru Saturday)   Sun Dec 04, 2016 1:16 pm

The Ice Hogs are proving to be a tough nut to crack. With the Misconducts ramming their first place door, the Hogs responded with the best Saturday score, 18-year-old Patrik Laine aiding GM Henry's cause by potting his NHL-best 16th goal of the season.

Ice Hogs: 42.2
Between the Pipes: 35.8

GM Henry is resting more comfortably after his team's Saturday performance, the Ice Hogs overall lead now 11.1 points. GM Henry also got the boo-birds off his back as the first place team is now in front of the last place team, the Hogs leading Between the Pipes by 6.4 points.

Misconducts: 55.8
Badger Bob: 25.2

Cue the Fat Lady. A 15.2 point Saturday has put a lid on this H2H match, the Misconducts now leading Badger Bob by a week's worth of points; the 7th place Bobs now 80.5 points back.

SC Cobras: 27.0
Boulder Flyers: 29.7

A league-low 2.1 point Saturday dropped the Boulder Flyers into 11th place in the overall standings, just 17.4 steps from the cellar door. Once losing by a chunk, the SC Cobras now have a H2H win within their reach, trailing by a doable 2.7 points.

Central Red Army: 39.5
Polar Bears: 32.8

Not many fireworks were launched on Saturday, the Polar Bears departing the day with 4.5 points; the Central Red Army netting 4.0. With the week barreling toward the finish line, the Army's lead is 6.7.

Ice Cats: 38.9
Silicon Valley Slashers: 46.4

The Cats and Slashers exchanged haymakers on Saturday but neither team flinched, the Cats netting a stiff 12.9 points; the Silicon Valley Slashers, 12.0. As a result the Slashers advantage more-or-less remained the same, GM Murphy's now-in-ninth-place team leading by 7.5 points.

Bluliners: 25.0
Wild Ducks: 25.4

Once comfortably in front, the Wild Ducks now have a fight on their hands, a 14.0 point Bluliner Saturday drawing GM Hamilton's squad to within 0.4 points with only Sunday left to be played.

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WEEK 8 (thru Saturday)
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