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 WEEK 7 (thru Tuesday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 7 (thru Tuesday)   Wed Nov 23, 2016 12:09 pm

The Misconducts now have the limping Ice Hogs in their sight, a league-best 16.8 point Tuesday drawing GM Smalley's squad to within 9.1 points of first place.

SC Cobras: 19.2
Misconducts: 17.8

Leading by a lot after Monday, the SC Cobras are now leading by a little - the Misconducts making up most of the ground on Tuesday, now just a shade behind the Cobras in this pivotal Domi division clash.

Ice Hogs: 13.6
Polar Bears: 7.4

The Ice Hogs continue to struggle, their once thick and comfortable cushion now just a dollar store pillow case stuffed with a thin piece of foam. Once gliding, GM Henry's team is also in danger of losing consecutive H2H matches, their lead over the Polar Bears just 6.2 points.

Wild Ducks: 19.0
Boulder Flyers: 7.4

Standing in a sinking boat, GM Morgan was handed an anvil and then given a pat on the back, the Wild Ducks ripping 15.0 points on Tuesday, GM Collard's lead now 11.6 points.

Bluliners: 29.5
Silicon Valley Slashers: 5.0

The Bluliners continue to pile on, GM Hamilton's now-in-fourth-place team unearthing 8.5 points on Tuesday. Unable to find a shovel, the Silicon Valley Slashers unearthed nothing, the Bluliners lead almost Fat Lady thick at 24.5 points.

Badger Bob: 3.0
Central Red Army: 9.0

For the second consecutive week Badger Bob is employing the "jog first, sprint later" strategy. Fortunately for GM Chester's win-hopes, the Central Red Army are also jogging, the Bobs trailing the Army by only 6.0 points.

Between the Pipes: 8.5
Ice Cats: 11.0

Between the Pipes were a smidgen better than the Ice Cats on Tuesday, GM Miller's cellar-dwellers now trailing the 8th place Cats by just 2.5 points.

LINK: Standingsญญญญญญ
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WEEK 7 (thru Tuesday)
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