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 WEEK 23 (thru Monday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 23 (thru Monday)   Tue Mar 29, 2016 1:10 pm

Apparently the Bluliners and Misconducts aren't going away, another we-did-better-than-the Polar-Bears night lifting the Bluliners to within 23.1 points of first place; the Misconducts now just 37.4 points back.

Polar Bears: 24.9
Central Red Army: 20.3

Over the past ten days the Bluliners have left four goalie shutouts on their bench. It was the Polar Bears turn on Monday as Ben Bishop's 34 save gem amounted to naught. As a result the Bears saw a small portion of their lead evaporate, both the Bluliners and Misconducts breathing down GM Elya's neck with 12 days remaining in the season.

Misconducts: 29.0
Wild Ducks: 34.3

The Misconducts uncorked 14.2 points on Monday to climb back into the Cup-chase race. The Misconducts however still can't get a bead on the Wild Ducks, an 11.0 point outing keeping the Ducks on top, GM Collard's lead now 5.3.

Bluliners: 30.4
Silicon Valley Slashers: 15.4

The Bluliners got their first whiff of the FHL Cup, a 7.6 point evening drawing GM Hamilton's team 5.6 points closer to first place. The Bluliners also appear to have their 13th win of the season in sight, currently leading the Silicon Valley Slashers by a stiff 15.0 points.

Ice Hogs: 28.3
Between the Pipes: 21.0

Both the Ice Hogs and Between the Pipes departed Monday carrying 5.0 points, GM Henry maintaining his 7.3 lead over the banged-up win-needy Pipes.

Badger Bob: 41.5
Ice Cats: 15.6

Badger Bob continues to excel, another productive evening placing GM Chester's team even farther in front of the Ice Cats, their advantage now a fat (lady) 25.9 points with four days remaining in the week.

Boulder Flyers: 16.7
SC Cobras: 19.8

It's close to now-or-never time for the SC Cobras as the money is starting to get away from GM Murphy, his 4th place team ($0.00) now trailing the 3rd place ($130.00) Misconducts by 28.9 points.

LINK: Standingsญญญญญญญ
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WEEK 23 (thru Monday)
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