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 WEEK 23 (thru Saturday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 23 (thru Saturday)   Sun Mar 27, 2016 6:53 pm

Badger Bob now has the inside track in the race for 2nd place in the H2H division, the $30.00 prize leaning in the direction of GM Chester after Tyler Toffoli (2g, 2a) and his teammates clocked Saturday for a league-best 31.2 points .

Badger Bob: 31.2
Ice Cats: 6.5

The Fat Lady typically isn't needed until midweek. Typically. The chubby one received a phone call from the FHL on Saturday evening, Badger Bob already leading the shell-shocked Ice Cats by 24.7.

Polar Bears: 21.9
Central Red Army: 13.8

The Polar Bears weren't the best Saturday team but once again they were good enough, GM Elya's squad keeping tabs on the frisky Bluliners while also laying some hurt on the outgunned Central Red Army.

Bluliners: 21.8
Silicon Valley Slashers: 11.9

After Saturday's performance GM Hamilton was smiling. The Bluliner GM wasn't smiling after he checked the Polar Bears tote board, a solid Saturday negated by the also solid play of GM Elya's resilient Bears.

Boulder Flyers: 7.1
SC Cobras: 11.6

The 6th place Boulder Flyers continue to flounder, another pathetic performance leaving GM Morgan's birds 4.5 points behind GM Murphy's 4th place snakes.

Misconducts: 11.3
Wild Ducks: 20.3

It took six months but Phil Kessel finally remembered he was an elite player, the Wild Ducks forward potting 10.0 points (1g, 4a), his team already 9.0 points better than the 3rd place Misconducts.

Ice Hogs: 20.3
Between the Pipes: 15.0

The Ice Hogs gained the most ground on Saturday, GM Henry's team vaulting into 5th place overall, their H2H advantage 5.3 with six long days remaining in the week.

LINK: Standingsญญญญญญญ
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PostSubject: A (fantasy hockey) Night to Remember   Sun Mar 27, 2016 7:06 pm

Paul, your headline spot on. I am sure you will appreciate the RMS Titanic reference in my subject line.

It was quite a night. The points just kept coming, with three players (Toffoli, Yandle and Josi) entering bonus territory. (Does this make up for nights when a point here or there was needed in a close H2H loss? Unfortunately no. But as we know, timing is everything in fantasy sports and MANY other things. But still will remember with a smile.)

It could have been better as Brassard just missed bonus points as well, getting two goals and one assist. I would have been VERY HAPPY for you to again use the "Kickin' Brass" headline.

And a GM knows having a good night when one of your goaltenders gets an assist, which Quick did late in one of the West Coast games.

Ice Cats took a 1-0 lead Saturday afternoon on an assist by Wheeler which helped the Jets to a 2-0 lead after first period. (Actually, Winnipeg scored two goals on its first five shots against my goaltender Chad Johnson, who was making his Badger Bob debut. When I saw that in the afternoon game, I thought what a lousy start.)

I then was happy to eke out 1.7 points from Johnson as Sabres rallied from one-goal deficit after two periods to defeat the visiting Jets, 3-2, in regulation.

Leave the rotund female alone for now. Ice Cats have six days to come back. And if I remember correctly, the Ice Cats won the earlier meeting between our teams.

So happy for the Mount Bob explosion on Saturday. Hope can maintain the lead over the next six days. Fact that there is a H2H race and my team is alive in it for second place certainly maintaining my interest although the battle for the overall championship is being contested up the road.

(Ironically, had a HUGE night in the other fantasy hockey league in which I am competing. Stats included 13 assists, +15 and two goaltender wins. So for me, it was a fantasy hockey night to remember x 2. But last night is now in rear view mirror. Have to look forward as the finish line is near for the fantasy hockey season. I'll miss it immediately when it is over.)
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WEEK 23 (thru Saturday)
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