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PostSubject: WEEK 22 (FINAL)   Sat Mar 26, 2016 10:48 am

By routinely disposing of the Boulder Flyers, GM Elya and his Polar Bears, now 16-6 for the season, gained sole ownership of the 2015-16 H2H Division Championship and it's $50.00 cash prize.

Polar Bears: 43.9
Boulder Flyers: 24.3

Leading by three games with only two weeks remaining in the season, the Polar Bears won't have to share any of the H2H fame or fortune. The big prize however is still up for grabs, the Bears 28.6 point lead a tad precarious as the four-time champion Bluliners continue to play well. Hoping to push toward the money in Week 22, the Boulder Flyers were pushed back, GM Morgan's 5th place team now trailing a season-ending paycheck by 70.3.

Bluliners: 48.9
SC Cobras: 32.1

It was a bittersweet week for GM Hamilton. Once again his Bluliners gained ground on the first place Polar Bears but three Brian Elliott shutouts were left on the bench. The lost opportunity however has not deterred the Bluliner brass, still believing they can reel-in the Bears over the final 15 days of the season. The SC Cobras remain out of the money, the 4th place team now sitting 19.7 rows behind the 3rd place Misconducts; the $250.00 prize for finishing in 2nd place, a still doable 32.6 points in the distance.

Misconducts: 50.2
Ice Cats: 34.2

The Misconducts were the best team of Week 22, GM Smalley's crew taking full control of 3rd place in the overall standings. With only 15 days left to be played, the two-time champion remains confident of moving north in the standings as early-season MVP Justin Faulk has stepped down from the shelf. Over the first half of the season the Ice Cats were H2H title contenders. The second half hasn't been kind, GM Cutshall's flagging felines now sporting a record of 11-11.

Badger Bob: 29.4
Central Red Army: 27.0

Badger Bob are now the sole owner of 2nd place in the H2H division, improving to 13-9 by dispatching the Central Red Army. While the H2H title is no longer a possibility, GM Chester is just two weeks from acquiring the $30.00 H2H second place prize. The Central Red Army continue to play well under GM Buker's guidance, however they fell 2.4 points short of another $2.00 win, their overall record now 7-15.

Wild Ducks: 39.3
Between the Pipes: 22.7

Needing a victory to stay H2H relevant, Between the Pipes laid an egg, GM Miller's team posting the lowest score of the week. Despite the loss, a season-ending paycheck remains a possibility, the Pipes trailing 2nd place Badger Bob by just one game with two weeks remaining in the season. The Wild Ducks are now 9-13 on the season, the seven-time champion in 10th place overall, the golf clubs already locked and loaded.

Ice Hogs: 31.4
Silicon Valley Slashers: 25.6

The Ice Hogs made a return trip to the .500 mark, now 11-11 after defeating the Silicon Valley Slashers. Trailing by five games, the defending H2H champion has no shot at H2H cash. Overall, the Hogs departed the week in 7th place, 76.8 points shy of the money. The Slashers slipped to 8-14 in defeat, GM Murphy's FHL account still with a balance of $16.00. Overall, Silicon Valley's finest are in 6th place, 3rd place and it's $130.00 prize, 75.1 points away.

Polar Bears v. Central Red Army
Wild Ducks v. Misconducts
Ice Hogs v. Between the Pipes
Boulder Flyers v. SC Cobras
Ice Cats v. Badger Bob <-- Belle Tire "Match of the Week"
Bluliners v. Silicon Valley Slashers

LINK: Standingsญญญญญญญ
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PostSubject: CONGRATS PBs!!!   Sat Mar 26, 2016 12:25 pm

Well-earned head-to-head championship, Michael.
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Let's Go Pens!!!


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PostSubject: Forgot to mention re: Ulysses S. Grant   Sat Mar 26, 2016 12:32 pm

It's almost NHL playoff time. In the spirit of the playoffs, I see that Ulysses S. Grant ALWAYS has his playoff beard going on the $50 bill.

(I was trying to come up with a NHL player who looks like Ulysses S. Grant, but failed. If anyone can help me out, go for it. Do any of our owners look like Ulysses S. Grant?)

Man is it going to be an interesting two weeks in the Eastern Conference, with the PENGUINS, the Rangers, the Islanders, the Red Wings and the flyers all within close proximity.

The Penguins and Rangers have been playing well lately. So have the flyers.

The Red Wings have been kinda treading water? Please correct me Red Wings' fans if I am wrong since I have not been paying close attention to your team since I don't have any Red Wings in fantasy. And the Islanders have been skidding.

YUGE (as Trump would say) game at Joe Louis Arena this afternoon as the PENGUINS come a calling. The game is HUGE as well.

Unfortunately, even the LOSER POINT for a tie after regulation is important at this time of the season. Jeez I hate that rule and, as you know, the fact that overtime exists in the regular season.

Overtime is SO exciting in the playoffs. I believe overtime should be reserved for the playoffs.

Enjoy the stretch run in the NHL everyone! LET'S GO PENS in Motown today!!!
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PostSubject: Re: WEEK 22 (FINAL)   

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