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 WEEK 21 (thru Sunday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 21 (thru Sunday)   Mon Mar 14, 2016 10:43 am

Ben Bishop is proving to be an essential piece on GM Elya's chessboard, the Polar Bears netminder padding his teams lead with a brilliant 37 save, 7.4 point shutout.

Ice Cats: 9.0
Polar Bears: 16.9

Apparently vulnerable after Saturday's performance, the Polar Bears are once again in full control, GM Elya's team now 45.6 points clear of the closest challenger. The Bears are also comfortably in front of the Ice Cats, leading now by 7.9 points.

Central Red Army: 12.5
SC Cobras: 19.4

With nothing to show for Sunday the SC Cobras slipped a notch in the standings, GM Murphy's team now in 3rd place overall. The Central Red Army pocketed a single Sunday point and now trail this H2H affair by just 6.9.

Wild Ducks: 11.0
Silicon Valley Slashers: 23.6

The Silicon Valley Slashers were the best weekend team, GM Murphy's squad rising to 5th place in the overall standings. The Slashers are also on pace to win their 8th match of the season, their H2H lead a rosy 12.6 points.

Bluliners: 16.4
Misconducts: 11.4

The Bluliners pocketed 8.0 points on Sunday, climbing back into 2nd place in the overall standings. GM Hamilton's H2H cushion is also thicker, the B's currently 5.0 points better than the Misconducts.

Badger Bob: 15.5
Ice Hogs: 12.4

Both the Bobs and the Hogs were good for 3.0 points on Sunday, GM Chester's squad maintaining their 3.1 point lead over GM Henry's swines.

Between the Pipes: 16.1
Boulder Flyers: 18.0

Sunday came and Sunday went, neither team able to uncover a point. As a result, the Boulder Flyers are still 1.9 points better than Between the Pipes, with now, five days remaining in the week.

LINK: Standingsญญญญญญญ
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WEEK 21 (thru Sunday)
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