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PostSubject: WEEK 19 (FINAL)   Sat Mar 05, 2016 11:50 am

By the narrowest margin possible, Between the Pipes are still in the running for the H2H championship and itís $50.00 prize, GM Millerís second place (H2H) squad defeating the Central Red Army by 0.1.

Between the Pipes: 35.6
Central Red Army: 35.5

A point from Tyler Sequin would have provided Central Red Army with their third consecutive win. The sniper fired blanks on Friday, gifting Between the Pipes their 12th win of the season. The victory allowed the Pipes to stay within reach of the H2H crown, trailing the Polar Bears by two games with five weeks remaining in the season. Overall, $130.00 (3rd place) sits 49.7 points in the distance. Meanwhile, the Army slipped to 6-13 in defeat, a record that left them the sole occupant of the H2H basement.

Polar Bears: 52.4
Ice Hogs: 52.1

The Ice Hogs rallied on Friday but couldnít catch the Polar Bears, GM Elyaís first place squad winning by 0.3. The victory protected the Polar Bears two game lead, their record now 14-5. Overall, the Bears maintained their 40+ point lead over the 2nd place Bluliners. The defending H2H champion Ice Hogs are under .500 for the first time this season, their 9-10 record placing them five games back. Overall, the Hogs are still in the chase for the money, trailing third place by 62.2 points.

Bluliners: 74.2
Badger Bob: 30.3

The Bluliners were the best team of the week, GM Hamiltonís in-form squad defeating Badger Bob by 43.9 points. The effort left the four-time champion in second place, 43.9 points behind the first place Polar Bears. The Bluliners are now 9-10 for the season. The loss essentially dropped Badger Bob out of the running for the H2H title as they now trail the virtually untouchable Polar Bears by three games. Second place and itís $30.00 prize remains a real possibility, the Bobs currently tied for 3rd place, just one game behind Between the Pipes.

Wild Ducks: 55.7
SC Cobras: 43.9

The Wild Ducks continue to play well, a 55.7 performance providing GM Collard with his 7th win ($14.00) of the season. While still stuck in 11th place, the Ducks are beginning to make up ground, trailing the 10th place Ice Cats by 1.9 points. The money appears out of reach, the Wild Ducks trailing the 3rd place Misconducts by 93.7 points. The SC Cobras slumped to 9-10 for the season. GM Murphy however remains focused on the big money, his Cobras just 58.4 points behind the FHL Cup and itís $452.00 prize; 2nd place ($250.00) just 14.5 points in the distance.

Misconducts: 65.6
Boulder Flyers: 50.5

The Misconducts harvested the second best weekly number, GM Smalley closing the week 44.6 points behind the first place Polar Bears and just 0.7 points shy of the 2nd place Bluliners. The H2H standings find the Misconducts in 5th place, the 10 wins depositing $20.00 into GM Smalleyís FHL account. The Boulder Flyers slipped back under the .500 mark, GM Morganís record now 9-10. The overall picture remains relatively bright, the Flyers now in 6th place, 44.6 points shy of a season-ending payday.

Silicon Valley Slashers: 46.0
Ice Cats: 23.8

With injured players in their lineup it was no surprise that the Ice Cats posted the weekís worst score, a number that dropped GM Cutshallís team into 10th place in the overall standings. The Ice Cats were also shoved from H2H title contention as their 11-8 record has them three games behind the Polar Bears. The Silicon Valley Slashers improved to 7-12 with the win, GM Murphyís team lodged in 10th place in the H2H standings; 5th place overall. A post-season award remains a very real possibility, the Slashers trailing $250.00 (2nd place) by just 42.6.

Badger Bob v. Boulder Flyers
Between the Pipes v. Bluliners <-- Belle Tire "Match of the Week"
Polar Bears v. Wild Ducks
Misconducts v. Ice Hogs
SC Cobras v. Ice Cats
Central Red Army v. Silicon Valley Slashers

LINK: Standings≠≠≠≠≠≠≠
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