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 WEEK 18 (thru Tuesday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 18 (thru Tuesday)   Wed Feb 24, 2016 11:43 am

Trailing the money (3rd place) by 90.0 points just three weeks ago, the Boulder Flyers have clawed their way to within 35.4 of a season-ending paycheck, Fillip Forsberg helping GM Morgan’s comeback cause with a 9.0 point hat trick.

Boulder Flyers: 32.2
Silicon Valley Slashers: 35.5

The Silicon Valley Slashers are the owners of the best Week 18 score but now have a H2H fight on their hands, the Boulder Flyers pocketing 15.0 points on Tuesday to draw to within 3.3 of GM Murphy’s previously comfortable squad.

Misconducts: 28.0
Central Red Army: 27.9

The Misconducts fired blanks on Day 4 allowing the Central Red Army back into this match, GM Smalley’s now-in-third-place team leading GM Buker’s angry Army by 0.1.

Polar Bears: 20.2
Bluliners: 18.8

For the second consecutive day the Polar Bears and Bluliners both collected the same number of points, GM Elya’s first place team maintaining their 1.4 advantage over GM Hamilton’s 4th place squad.

SC Cobras: 21.6
Ice Hogs: 24.6

The now-in-second-place SC Cobras broke the 40.0 PB barrier on Tuesday, a 6.6 effort drawing the snakes to within 39.2 points of 1st place. The Cobras however continue to trail the Ice Hogs in this H2H duel, GM Henry’s outfit leading GM Murphy’s team by 3.0 points.

Badger Bob: 24.5
Wild Ducks: 21.3

Badger Bob caught and passed the Wild Ducks on Tuesday, GM Chester’s now-in-eighth-place squad leading GM Collard’s Ducks by 3.2.

Between the Pipes: 28.5
Ice Cats: 10.6

The Ice Cats continue to have trouble locating points, GM Cutshall’s 10th place team now trailing the 6th place Between the Pipes by a whopping 17.9 points.

LINK: Standings­­­­­­
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WEEK 18 (thru Tuesday)
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