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PostSubject: WEEK 16 (FINAL)   Sat Feb 13, 2016 8:51 am

A Ben Bishop win - and an assist thrown in for good measure - capped a dominating week, the first place Polar Bears now 42.7 points ­better than the closest contender in the overall standings; their lead in the H2H standings now two full games.

Polar Bears: 115.5
SC Cobras: 72.8

Week 16 saw the Polar Bears take control of the FHL, GM Elya tightening his grip on first place in both the overall and H2H standings. In position to win it all in each of the past three years, the Polar Bears eventually floundered. Avoiding another late season collapse will be priority #1 for the Bears boss as he attempts to guide his team to their first FHL Cup championship. In first place just ten days ago, the SC Cobras now sit on the the third rung of the FHL ladder, GM Murphy’s squad trailing the Polar Bears by 48.5. The defeat left the Cobras with a .500 record, their 8-8 mark placing them in a tie for 6th place, four games behind the H2H leader.

Boulder Flyers: 111.2
Ice Cats: 86.6

The Boulder Flyers posted the second best number of the week, the barrage of points placing GM Morgan’s squad just 58.1 points behind the 2nd place Bluliners; 52.3 points behind the 3rd place Cobras. The win squared the Flyers H2H record at 8-8. The loss put a huge damper on GM Cutshall’s H2H title chances as they slipped two games behind the Polar Bears, their H2H mark now 10-6. The overall standings find the Ice Cats in 6th place, 82.1 points in rear of the Bears though just 35.6 points shy of the money (3rd place).

Misconducts: 69.3
Badger Bob: 65.8

The Misconducts rallied on the final day of the week, catching and passing Badger Bob to secure their eighth win of the season. Overall-wise, the Misconducts remain in 4th place, 62.6 points south of the Polar Bears yet only 19.9 points behind the 2nd place Bluliners. Badger Bob are now 10-6 for the season, a record that has placed them two games behind the Polar Bears in the chase for the H2H division championship. The overall picture is much worse, the Bobs slipping to 10th place, their deficit now a heavy 103.5.

Ice Hogs: 106.4
Bluliners: 80.0

The Ice Hogs dominating performance left GM Henry with a record of 9-7, the defending H2H champion remaining three games behind the division leader. The point-heavy week brought the money a lot closer as the 7th place Hogs now trail the 2nd place Bluliners by just 44.6 points; the 3rd place Cobras by 38.8. The Bluliners slipped to 8-8 in defeat, GM Hamilton’s squad now sitting four games back. While in the enviable position of 2nd place in the overall standings, the Bluliners hole is fairly deep as they trail the Polar Bears by 42.7.

Between the Pipes: 76.2
Silicon Valley Slashers: 63.3

Between the Pipes won for the ninth time ($18.00), remaining three games back in the H2H title chase. The overall standings find the Pipes in 8th place, their hole growing to 96.1. The Silicon Valley Slashers occupy slot #5 in the overall standings, GM Murphy’s team sitting 81.6 rows behind the front row Polar Bears. The H2H standings find the Slashers in 10th place, their season mark now 5-11.

Wild Ducks: 93.6
Central Red Army: 62.8

The Wild Ducks no longer have the worst H2H record in the league as they improved to 5-11 by soundly defeating the Central Red Army. Overall, the Ducks remain trapped in 11th place, trailing the Polar Bears by 141.9; the money (3rd place) by 93.4. The Central Red Army saw their H2H record slide to 4-12, eight games behind the 12-4 Bears. Still trapped in the basement, the Army remain more than a stones throw from daylight, trailing the 11th place Wild Ducks by 55.9.

LINK: Standings­­­­­­­

Central Red Army v. Bluliners
Boulder Flyers v. Wild Ducks
Misconducts v. Polar Bears <-- Belle Tire "Match of the Week"
Ice Hogs v. Ice Cats
Between the Pipes v. SC Cobras
Badger Bob v. Silicon Valley Slashers
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