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 WEEK 16 (thru Friday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 16 (thru Friday)   Sat Feb 06, 2016 1:32 pm

The SC Cobras rise to first place was truly remarkable. If the Ice Hogs can pull off the same trick it would be somewhat of a miracle, the previously in last place squad - once trailing by 117.0 points - now just 54.2 points back; a 9.0 point game by the unheralded Anton Stralman (2g) providing GM Henry with reason to believe.

Bluliners: 33.7
Ice Hogs: 55.7

It's been a good week for the Bluliners as they have moved into 2nd place overall, just 5.2 points in back of the first place Polar Bears. That said, they're getting hammered by the smoking-hot Ice Hogs, GM Henry's now-in-seventh-place squad leading by a fat 22.0 points.

SC Cobras: 28.9
Polar Bears: 31.7

The Polar Bears uncorked 2.7 on Thursday, losing ground to the SC Cobras, GM Murphy's squad closing to within 2.8 of their Week 16 H2H opponent. The overall standings find the Cobras nestled in 3rd place, now seated 8.6 rows behind GM Elya's Bears.

Between the Pipes: 31.6
Silicon Valley Slashers: 10.6

The Silicon Valley slashers continue to misfire, a nothing Friday leaving GM Murphy with the lowest score of the week. The lack of production has dumped the 6th place Slashers 50.5 points behind the front-runner and a wide 21.0 points behind their H2H nemesis, the 8th place Between the Pipes.

Badger Bob: 20.4
Misconducts: 27.8

The Badger Bob Express has gone off the rails, GM Chester's squad tumbling to 9th place overall, their worst overall position of the season. Trailing the Polar Bears by a single game, the H2H standings are still la bright spot for Bobs but they're currently seated behind the eight ball, trailing the 4th place Misconducts by 7.4.

Central Red Army: 26.1
Wild Ducks: 34.2

The battle of the 11th and 12th place teams is thus far favoring the Wild Ducks, GM Collard's outfit netting 7.0 points on Friday compared to the 3.0 points compiled by the Central Red Army. With seven long days remaining in the week, the Ducks H2H advantage is 8.1.

Boulder Flyers: 29.3
Ice Cats: 40.5

The Ice Cats continue to excel, GM Cutshall's squad holding the second best number of the week. Now in 5th place overall - just 44.4 points behind the Bears - the Ice Cats are crusing to what would be their 11th H2H win of the season, leading the flightless Flyers by 11.2.

LINK: Standingsญญญญญญญ
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WEEK 16 (thru Friday)
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