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 WEEK 15 (thru Monday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 15 (thru Monday)   Tue Jan 26, 2016 2:40 pm

The finish line is still two days away but Badger Bob has started their H2H kick early, Derick Brassard bagging 12.0 points (2g, 3a) on Monday, the Bobs now 9.6 points better than the Polar Bears.

Polar Bears: 11.4
Badger Bob: 21.0

A 15.0 point Monday has invigorated Badger Bob, the second best H2H team on the verge of improving to 10-5; a record that would place them one game behind the sagging Polar Bears.

SC Cobras: 22.2
Silicon Valley Slashers: 17.5

The SC Cobras inched closer to the peak of Mt FHL, GM Murphy's team now just 9.8 behind the front-running Polar Bears. H2H-wise, this match is still leaning toward the Cobras, their lead a bit tenuous however at 4.7.

Bluliners: 20.2
Boulder Flyers: 12.4

The Bluliners are beginning to take control of this H2H battle, GM Hamilton's now-in-third-place team leading the busted Flyers by 7.8.

Misconducts: 15.2
Between the Pipes: 20.0

The Misconducts remain in this H2H duel, GM Smalley's team clawing to within 4.8 of Between the Pipes with two days remaining in the short week.

Wild Ducks: 19.3
Ice Cats: 16.4

Passed by the Ice Cats on Sunday, the Wild Ducks have reclaimed the lead, GM Collard's embattled franchise now 2.9 points better than GM Cutshall's kitties.

Ice Hogs: 13.0
Redliners: 14.3

Don't look now but the underdog Redliners are better than the favored Ice Hogs, the Reds leading GM Henry's team by 1.3.

LINK: Standings­­­­­­­
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PostSubject: Different editorial views on the news   Tue Jan 26, 2016 6:22 pm

No question that Derek Brassard was the big news in the FHL last night. The New York Rangers forward is an above-average player. But the output last night was off the chart, giving Brassard his "Andy Warhol Moment" in the FHL this season.

As far as Badger Bob is concerned, it could not have come at a better time since the matchuip was tied entering the evening in a short period. And Brassard's production so far this season has been a tad less than expected.

So what about the title of my post? Paul came up with an excellent headline, Kickin' Brass, as he always does. But the editorial process leaves open the possibility of different views on the same piece of news.

If you gave a number of people the same directive to write a headline about Derek Brassard, chances are that a few different results will occur. In this case, Brassard's last name is a help for sure.

Since Badger Bob is an expansion franchise, we do not have the financial muscle of the more established franchises. Thus, we have an unpaid editorial intern from a local college who is helping with all things involving external communications, such as the Website, media relations, etc.

Yours truly lapsed into a food coma last night between 10-11 p.m. after visiting his favorite BBQ restaurant within easy driving distance, Sweet Lucy's Smokehouse, in Philadelphia, PA. The primary reason for the trip was to talk with an employee about the FHL. So while I was there on official FHL business, there just happens to be superb food wall to wall.

Since I was at Sweet Lucy's, our editorial intern was charged with writing the nightly wrap of Badger Bob point production that we distribute via Email blast to season ticket holders, members of the fan club, the local media and others who we want to keep current on the  franchise.

While Paul came up with "Kickin' Brass," our editorial intern came up with a headline that I consider equally strong. In fact, this afternoon I called the college and suggested to his professor that our editorial intern has exhibited strong performance since joining our team. And even though he has several months remaining with us, I told the professor that I believe he is on track for an A+.

The professor pushed back a little, asking for some proof of the editorial intern's work. All I needed to do was send along the headline he crafted for last night's Badger Bob wrap.

Like Paul, he used Brassard's last name. And he also showed that he has been paying attention to posts on Chester's Corner by yours truly.

The other part of the headline was derived from, here's a clue:


This was an alternative logo for the Hartford Whalers, known to fans in Connecticut as "the Whale."

Without further adieu, the headline our editorial intern came up with:


And for those who have been faithfully keeping up with Chester's Corner, you know what that means. Sorry IHD!!! Cue the music, please.


Badger Bob heading down the homestretch in a matchup with major implications, the Belle Tire Match of the Week. We are up against the team in first place overall and head-to-head. Two days remain in the period. A lot can happen since Polar Bears are not in first place x 2 via smoke and mirrors. But we did have a reason to smile last night thanks to Derek Brassard.
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WEEK 15 (thru Monday)
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