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 WEEK 13 (thru Sunday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 13 (thru Sunday)   Mon Jan 11, 2016 12:59 pm

Between the Pipes were the best weekend team, thanks in large part to Matt Duchene who netted 5.0 points on Sunday (2g, 1a), his 20th and 21st goals of the season.

Badger Bob: 9.8
Between the Pipes: 21.9

GM Millers Pipes have pulled away from the favored Bobs, leading now by 12.1. While the Pipes remain in 6th place, Badger Bob slipped to a season low 8th place in the overall standings, now 60.7 behind the front running Polar Bears.

Polar Bears: 19.9
Silicon Valley Slashers: 8.0

The Polar Bears are breathing a little easier on Sunday, a 13.0 point performance providing GM Elya's squad with a 20.9 lead over the second place Misconducts. The Bears are also tracking toward their 10th win of the season ($20.00) as they lead the Silicon Valley Slashers by 11.9.

Bluliners: 20.4
Wild Ducks: 9.2

The Bluliners potted 5.0 points on Sunday, gaining 3.0 points on the wilted Wild Ducks. With five days remaining in this Original Six duel, GM Hamilton's lead is 11.2.

Misconducts: 11.3
SC Cobras: 12.4

The Cobras collected 4.4 points on Sunday compared to the 3.0 points gathered by the Misconducts. As a result the Cobras now lead this Belle Tire "Match of the week," GM Murphy's advantage a slim a 1.1.

Ice Cats: 13.3
Redliners: 10.0

A 10.0 point Sunday has pushed the Ice Cats into 7th place overall and has provided the veteran franchise with a 3.3 lead over the still-in-last-place Redliners.

Ice Hogs: 9.7
Boulder Flyers: 10.1

After two days the Boulder Flyers have 10.1 points; eight of those points courtesy of Alexander Ovechkin. Despite the lack of a team effort, the Flyers are better than the Hogs, their advantage a mere 0.4.

LINK: Standingsญญญญญญญ
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WEEK 13 (thru Sunday)
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