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 WEEK 11 (thru Monday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 11 (thru Monday)   Tue Dec 29, 2015 12:27 pm

A hat trick cures most GM headaches and if GM Elya had a headache yesterday, he doesn't have one today, Polar Bear Tyler Toffoli lighting the lamp three times, harnessing 9.0 of his teams 10.6 points.

Polar Bears: 26.0
Redliners: 18.6

The Redliners, 4-6, have been a pain in the side of the Polar Bears all week. They are a pain no more as the favored 8-2 Bears have opened up a 7.4 lead with four days remaining in the week.

Silicon Valley Slashers: 20.0
Bluliners: 33.5

The Bluliners, 3-7, uncorked 10.8 on Monday and now lead the Silicon Valley Slashers by 13.5. The Slashers, 4-6, have also taken a hit in the Cup-chase standings, the second place franchise now seated 33.6 rows behind the first place Polar Bears.

Ice Cats: 39.1
Badger Bob: 15.8

Backed by a Jonathan Quick shutout, Badger Bob, 7-3, collected 9.4 on day three of the seven day week. The Ice Cats, 6-4, pocketed 12.2 to increase their lead over the Bobs, GM Cutshall now sitting on a thick 23.3 point cushion.

Wild Ducks: 22.2
Misconducts: 22.9

The Misconducts bagged 6.6 on Monday. While the number isn't staggering it was enough to place the Misconducts ahead of the staggering Wild Ducks, GM Smalley's 6-4 squad now leading the 2-8 Ducks by 0.7.

Ice Hogs: 19.5
Between the Pipes: 33.2

Nathan MacKinnon tweaked the twine three times on Monday, contributing 9.0 of his team's 13.0 points. The damage was extensive as the 6-4 Pipes are now 13.7 better than the 5-5 Ice Hogs.

Boulder Flyers: 24.0
SC Cobras: 21.6

Once comfortably in front, the Boulder Flyers are comfortable no more, a 9.0 point SC Cobra outing - 8.0 points courtesy of Anze Kopitar (4a) - drawing GM Murphy's 5-5 squad to within 2.4 of the 4-6 Flyers.

LINK: Standingsญญญญญญญญ
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WEEK 11 (thru Monday)
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