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 WEEK 10 (thru Thursday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 10 (thru Thursday)   Fri Dec 18, 2015 1:00 pm

Generally speaking, it was not a good day to be a forward or a defenseman as four FHL netminders posted shutouts: Corey Crawford, SC Cobras (33 saves/6.6 points), Steve Mason, Bluliners (36 saves/7.2 points), Jonathan Quick, Badger Bob (45 saves/9.0 points) and Chad Johnson (Ice Cats, 44 saves/8.8 points).

SC Cobras: 63.5
Bluiners: 34.4

Backed by the play of Corey Crawford and defender Brent Burns (1g, 2a) the Cobras harnessed a league-best 22.9 points, drawing the once-in-the-basement team to within 41.7 of first place. The Bluiners collected a respectable 13.9 but couldn't keep pace with the snakes, GM Hamilton's hole now 29.1 points deep.

Polar Bears: 31.1
Boulder Flyers: 30.4

Their were a lot of points to be had on Thursday but the Boulder Flyers were standing at the back of the line, bagging just 4.0. The Polar Bears took advantage of the Flyers' poor showing, a solid 10.7 effort providing GM Elyas first place team with a 0.7 lead. Overall, the Polar Bears stood their ground, their lead slashed by just 0.3.

Misconducts: 38.0
Ice Cats: 46.5

Just when you think the Ice Cats are down for the count, they rise from the canvas, evidenced by a perky 18.8 Thursday. The point infusion brings the resilient Cats to within 70.2 of the first place and has provided GM Cutshall's team with a 8.5 advantage in their H2H duel with the Misconducts.

Wild Ducks: 19.4
Between the Pipes: 55.4

The Wild Ducks continue to be pummeled by Between the Pipes, GM Miller's team throwing 15.7 points of hurt at GM Collard's team on Thursday. The Wild Ducks uncovered only 3.0 points of their own, stumbling back into the dank FHL basement. The Pipes are now just 63.4 points shy of first place and, H2H-wise, lead the hapless Ducks by 36.0.

Silicon Valley Slashers: 39.2
Ice Hogs: 32.4

The Slashers netted 11.0 points on day six of the extended 11 day week, GM Murphy's squad now 17.1 behind the first place Polar Bears. The Ice Hogs departed Thursday carrying 7.0 points; not a heavy number but enough points to lift the muddy Hogs out of the FHL cellar. H2H-wise, this match remains close, the Slashers currently holding a 6.8 lead.

Badger Bob: 33.8
Redliners: 24.6

The Redliners continue to flounder, the second lowest score of the week dropping GM Megan's team 89.2 points back. The Reds H2H situation is no better as Badger Bob and their 12.0 Thursday are now resting comfortably on a 9.2 cushion.

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 10 (thru Thursday)
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