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 WEEK 10 (thru Sunday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 10 (thru Sunday)   Mon Dec 14, 2015 10:39 am

Seven days after collecting 34.4 weekend points - increasing their lead to 38.7 - the Polar Bears have reversed course, a petty 4.9 showing placing the Bears near the bottom of the weekend barrel, their overall lead shrinking to 24.1.

Polar Bears: 4.9
Boulder Flyers: 10.6

With a record of 7-2, the Polar Bears sit atop the H2H standings. If they don't want company at their first place home, they'll have to defeat the Boulder Flyers. To do that they'll have to perform better than they did this weekend, GM Elya's team currently trailing GM Morgan's birds by 5.7.

SC Cobras: 18.6
Bluiners: 8.2

Backed by sensational goaltending the SC Cobras erupted for 12.2 points on Sunday, Corey Crawford posting a 30 save shutout while Semyon Varlamov contributed a 42 save win. The infusion of points has labeled the Cobras "Cup Contender" as they now trail the first place Polar Bears by just 60.4.

Wild Ducks: 2.0
Between the Pipes: 18.8

The Wild Ducks endured an ugly weekend as they waddled away with just 2.0 points. The lack of production has dropped the 11th place Ducks deeper in the standings, their hole now 94.1 points deep. Conversely, the Pipes posted the best weekend score, GM Miller's squad currently leading this lopsided tilt by 16.8.

Silicon Valley Slashers: 6.0
Ice Hogs: 8.1

Three Sunday points were enough to shove the Sashers in front of the Misconducts, GM Murphy's team once again in 2nd place. H2H-wise the sun is still shining on the Slashers' opponent, the Ice Hogs leading by 2.1.

Badger Bob: 7.8
Redliners: 5.0

Badger Bob were good for 2.0 points on Sunday, increasing their lead over the did-nothing Redliners by 2.0 points. With five days remaining in the week, the 4th place Bobs lead the 10th place Redliners by 2.8.

Misconducts: 13.0
Ice Cats: 9.5

Neither team visited the scoreboard on Sunday, the Misconducts maintaining their 3.5 advantage over the Ice Cats. Overall, the Misconducts slipped to 3rd place while the Ice Cats remained lodged in Room No. 8.

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 10 (thru Sunday)
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