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 Just when you thought FHL had ODed on LEON...there's MORE

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PostSubject: Just when you thought FHL had ODed on LEON...there's MORE   Sat Nov 14, 2015 2:10 pm

Well, looks like my "fun" post re: big night for Edmonton F Leon Draisaitl (remember when spelling the guy's last name ....ai...ai...) triggered some EXCELLENT responses from fellow GMs and overall some (-: around the FHL.

LITTLE DID I KNOW that in the next period, 6, Badger Bob was already locked and loaded to skate against LEON D. and friends, THE WILD DUCKS. Funny how these things just magically seem to work out, right?

No slight intended to WDs. So far in short time in FHL, I have not looked at the schedule until the start of the new period. (Obviously, I haven't looked as closely as I needed to for injuries and illnesses to my players at the deadline either altho guarantee that will change.)

So now have to hope that if LEON D. is in the WD lineup that he isn't the second coming of Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier and takes it easy on Los Badgero Roberto (tip of Penguins helmet to Los Ice Hogs Dynasty) with the obviously uncomfortable and obviously inactive Streit in the lineup.

Prior to Streit, the worst injury in terms of ongoing discomfort for NHL player that I can remember was to star forward of the past Pierre Turgeon. If he isn't in HHOF, he should be as he scored like 1,300 points and averaged more than 1.0 a game.


# # #

I remember him having a major injury with abdominal muscle(s). So when painkillers not in effect, I guess it hurt every time he took a breath. And took a LONG time to heal since injured muscles were being used every time he took a breath.

Kind of a Catch-22, isn't it Colonal Yossarian???
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Just when you thought FHL had ODed on LEON...there's MORE
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