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 Leon ??? Badger Bob has lit the BLU SIGNAL (copied from FHL News)

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Let's Go Pens!!!


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PostSubject: Leon ??? Badger Bob has lit the BLU SIGNAL (copied from FHL News)   Thu Nov 12, 2015 8:05 pm

Hello, fellow GMs, Badger Bob will be back with a full post soon. Having been in Belle Tire Match of the Week two of the last three periods, and a surprise switch out of the Belle Tire Match of the Week in the other, has required yours truly to focus largely on scoreboard watching. Tough stretch of matchups against Polar Bears, Misconducts and now Silicon Valley Slashers.

But want to give my response to Edmonton F Leon Draisaital leading the Wednesday news wrap a separate post here in Chester's Corner so it is not missed.

The newly-named BLU SIGNAL has been lit for the first time. Read on for the reason why.

# # #

I've been a NHL fan now for 40 years or so.

And I CANNOT think of another NHL player in that time with the first name Leon!!! There may have been someone. My mind is pretty sharp when it comes to these things. Mental wheels are turning here. But no traction.  Question

When you are flummoxed re: NHL, who do you call on for help in such a situation? The man who has shown some serious hockey history knowledge by bringing up Petr Klima and Alex Stojanov.

Badger Bob is shining the BLU SIGNAL (not to be confused with the Bat Signal) in the sky to the northwest of Trenton, NJ in hopes that BLULINERS in Motownland will see it and put his astute NHL mind to the situation. Help from all other GMs welcome as well!!!

"Machine Gun" Lanny McDonald, sure. Larry Hillman, gotcha. Logan Couture, OK. Lance Bouma, all over it.

Leon??? drawing a blank.

Only other pro athletes with Leon as first name I can think of off top of head Leon Spinks boxer, baseketball player Leon Wood and Leon "Daddy Wags" Wagner baseball player. (There was also baseball player Eddie Leon. But since last name doesn't count.) Am sure there was an NFL player with first name Leon.
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PostSubject: Leon   Fri Nov 13, 2015 6:17 am

As I sit here wearing a #16 Hartford Whalers jersey, I cannot think of another NHL player named Leon.  I can get close….

A player with a missing tooth, wore gloves and a cup is Leon Spinks-wrong sport!
Leon Hayward plays for the Kookaburras an Australian field hockey team.  Closer yet would be Leon Bristedt playing for University of Minnesota hockey team.  Kings of Leon music has played at many hockey rinks.

Leon seems to be more of a popular name in Europe than in the States.  Thinking maybe we can start a trend right here on Chester's Corner.  Between the Pipes is entertaining "boys" names for his son due next April.  I'm throwing the name Leon into Pipes hat.  The only downside is Leon means Lion and Lions are not well liked in this area.
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Let's Go Pens!!!


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PostSubject: BIG THANK YOU to Bluliners   Fri Nov 13, 2015 4:11 pm

BIG THANK YOU to Bluliners for answering the Blu Signal.

Hey, there may not have been a Leon if it has escaped both you and I.

I did think overnight of Toronto D Leo Komarov. Close but no cigar.

I also thought of former NHL linesman LEON Stickle. Even closer but still no cigar.

(Exercise your hockey gray matter. Who is the player in the photo with Stickle?)

Stickle had a long, distinguished career. Sadly, he is most remembered for blown offside call in 1980 finals at Nassau Coliseum that led to a goal that helped Islanders win Game 6 and clinch their first Stanley Cup, defeating Thugs on Skates.

Islanders ended up winning the decisive game 5-4 in first overtime. But without the blown call, may not have been an overtime and the series may have gone to a Game 7 back in Filthy Delphia.

Hmm, Thugs on Skates lost. Maybe I'm kinda glad Stickle made a no call. NAH. Back then I hated the Islanders just as much.

Leon Stickle blown offside call.

# # #

Speaking of cigars, a big CONGRATS in advance to Between the Pipes and Mrs. BTP since mulling youngster name.

I can offer four to choose from. My full name: JOHN STEPHEN CHESTER JR. (Junior is a first name. Thinking of the GREAT NASCAR driver and former moonshine runner Junior Johnson.) Badger Bob would be honored if any of these names is selected.

# # #

Lastly but clearly of GREAT importance, Bluliners wearing #16 Whalers jersey HUGE!!! Pat Verbeek???
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PostSubject: Leon   Sat Nov 14, 2015 6:32 am

Great photo…can't help but notice Leon Stickle has a horn to toot! Love Doug "Killer" Gilmour.
At his peak in the early 90's and drafted in the FHL 1st round a couple of years. St. Louis drafted him in the 7th round. Unfortunately he was linked to an under age incident and was sent packing to Calgary. I remember when Calgary dealt Gilmour to the Leafs, as part of a huge record setting ten player swap.

Kerry Fraser was the least liked ref in Detroit and especially with Toronto fans after he blew a call in the conference finals involving Toronto's Gilmour and Los Angeles Kings Gretzky. Maple Leafs were one win away from reaching the Cup finals, in the first minute of overtime with the score tied 4-4, Gilmour was cut on his chin...required eight stitches after he was struck by Wayne Gretzky stick. I so badly wanted Toronto to reach the finals that year and couldn't believe Fraser and crew didn't send Gretzky to the box for 5 minutes. Gretzky stayed on the ice and scored the winning goal seconds later. The Kings went on to eliminate Toronto! Fraser has since admitted it was the worst mistake he made in over 2,100 games as an NHL referee.

#16 is Bobby Hull's Whaler jersey. A friend of mine just gave it to me after he wore the jersey on a stage when recently performing with his band in Hartford. He said it was a great conversation piece in Hartford. I was surprised to see Hull's name on the back. Looks like he played a few games to fill more Whaler seats, near the end of his career.

Hey i think Chester is a cool name that also belongs in Pipes hat of names.
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PostSubject: 1980 Cup   Sat Nov 14, 2015 9:06 am

Couldn't resist researching the players on both the Flyers and Islanders.  I remember rooting for those Flyers…great players

Ken Linseman     22G/57A/79Pts.
Reggie Leach       50/26/76
Brian Propp         34/41/75
Bill Barber          40/32/72
Bobby Clarke       12/57/69  points similar to Claude Giroux
Rick Macleish       31/35/66
Paul Holmgren      
Mel Bridgeman
Bob Dailey (D-man) 13/26/39
Pete Peeters - between the pipes
Pat Quinn - won coach of the year!

New York Islanders
Bryan Trottier     42/62/104
Mike Bossy         51/41/92
Robert (Butch?) Goring 26/53/79
Clark Gillies
Denis Potvin on D 8/33/41
Glenn (Chico) Resch- Between the Pipes has his cell number…Chico lined Pipes up with a goalie coaching position on the east side of Michigan
Al Arbour
Jimmy Devellano (Chief Scout) - Detroiter's love the guy…turned our town into hockey town.  Jimmy also was quoted saying Petr Klima was un-coachable
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PostSubject: Re: Leon ??? Badger Bob has lit the BLU SIGNAL (copied from FHL News)   Sat Nov 14, 2015 9:36 am

Bobby Clarke - points similar to Claude Giroux and looks (looked) like him too.

I have a man crush on Mike Bossy. I love you Laughing

I personally hate Petr Klima. Not because he was uncoachable but because while playing EA NHL 94 with Scott (Wild Ducks), he'd skate into the slot (Scott controlling Petr Klima) and he'd score practically every time. Mad

Don't remember if Klima's hair was tinted in the video game.
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PostSubject: Re: Leon ??? Badger Bob has lit the BLU SIGNAL (copied from FHL News)   

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Leon ??? Badger Bob has lit the BLU SIGNAL (copied from FHL News)
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