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 WEEK 5 (thru Tuesday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 5 (thru Tuesday)   Wed Nov 11, 2015 12:05 pm

Powered by a 33 save Henrik Lundqvist shutout (6.6 points), the Silicon Valley Slashers have risen to the peak of Mount FHL, the expansion franchise now the best team in the league.

Silicon Valley Slashers: 22.6
Badger Bob: 30.1

The Silicon Valley Slashers stole the headlines as they moved into first place in the overall standings; now 4.5 better than the second place Polar Bears. Despite the big news out of the Slashers camp, Badger Bob was the best Tuesday team, netting 22.0 points. The brothers Sedin combined for 12.0 points to pace the Bob attack, the expansion franchise now in 4th place, just 12.8 behind the league-leading Slashers. GM Chester made himself available after the game, telling the assembled press, "I told the guys beforehand that they better be good tonight since I am passing up watching the Republican debate. Evidently, the message got through. They delivered what was the single most successful night so far in the short history of Badger Bob."

Misconducts: 10.0
Polar Bears: 35.5

With points raining down on Tuesday, GM Smalley was the only GM to stay dry, his suddenly struggling Misconducts falling from 1st place to 3rd place overall. The Polar Bears took full advantage of the Misconducts woes, GM Elya's team ripping 19.3 to race into 2nd place; now 25.5 better than the Misconducts in this unexpected one-sided H2H duel.

Ice Cats: 18.6
Ice Hogs: 18.8

Ice is cold, as are both the slumping Ice Cats and slumped over Ice Hogs. The match remains close however as the struggling Cats, now in 6th place overall, lead the last place Hogs by 0.2.

Bluliners: 44.5
Redliners: 12.1

The Bluliners erupted for 16.3 on Tuesday, maintaining their status as the weeks best team. Jake Allen was perfect again, backstopping his second straight shutout. GM Hamilton's team is now in 5th place, just 15.5 behind the first place Slashers. The Redliners continue to struggle, GM Megan's 7th place squad now trailing Father Hamilton by 32.4.

SC Cobras: 20.4
Between the Pipes: 24.0

After a slow start Matt Duchene has finally found his legs, potting 5.0 (2g, 1a) to lead his Pipes team to a 9.0 outing, a number that has left the Pipes 3.6 in front of the Cobras in their H2H clash; 49.8 in back of first place overall. The Cobras were good for 8.0 points and now trail the top spot by 48.4.

Boulder Flyers: 27.1
Wild Ducks: 14.4

While most of the league attended Tuesday's Point Parade, GM's Collard and Morgan elected to stay home. As a result both teams shopping cart was mostly empty, the Flyers collecting just 2.0 points; the Ducks, 1.4. As a result the unstable Boulder Flyers are once again standing near the basement door, the leaning Wild Ducks not far behind.

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 5 (thru Tuesday)
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