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 Badger Bob SEZ: check out Website www.detroityes.com especially portion Fabulous Ruins of Detroit

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PostSubject: Badger Bob SEZ: check out Website www.detroityes.com especially portion Fabulous Ruins of Detroit   Sun Nov 08, 2015 5:01 pm

Hello, fellow GMs, lady and gentlemen.

Believe part of discussion on topic, "The Power of Advertising on NHL Radio Broadcast.." deserves its own post. This part is my response to the commish saying that I have a LOT of knowledge of Detroit.

Lifted the following from the other post. I suggest those in Detroit and any Detroit ex pats check out the Website www.detroityes.com, especially the part devoted to "The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit."

Am thinking fabulous ruins part will bring back memories to many of the Detroit that once was.

# # #

Paul and other fellow GMs, I have accumulated a lot of information over my now 57 years. Just turned at end of October.

I do have a lot of knowledge of Detroit area even though I have only visited once. I will share the story of that visit at story at some point in the season in Chester's Corner.

I have done a fair amount of travelling for business over the years. So know a lot about a lot of cities, including San Francisco, San Jose (lived near there) and New York where I lived for periods. Don't travel as much anymore. So have vistied most major US cities with the exception of Houston, Portland, Oklahoma City and Seattle.

I am a newshound. Used to read newspapers. Now glean all of my needed information from Web. Probably due to the fact that I started my work career as a reporter.

I also am an architecture fan. There are a few Websites out in cyberspace dedicated to architecture about various cities, especially buildings that are sadly gone. (My interest in this grew out of the HELLACIOUSLY BAD  Exclamation decision to tear down the old Pennsylvania Railroad Station in New York City in early 1960s. It is now the home of the current Madison Square Garden where NY Rangers play. See, everything leads back to NHL.) The link below is the first one of its kind that I found, maybe 15 years ago. It also helped me gain understanding of what used to be in Detroit.

If Detroit area GMs and ex pat Detroit GM not aware of this site, I suggest checking it out. Am sure will bring back memories. The demolition of Hudson's Department Store sad. Stuff on the site also includes decaying Detroit Yacht Club on Belle Isle, obviously Michigan Central Terminal and if I remember correctly the plant where Henry Ford built the Model T, which still stands. Also, Tiger Stadium and the Studebaker plant.

So from this Website, I also know about Grand Circus Park, the downtown monorail to nowhere, etc.

If any of you examine the site, PLEASE share you thoughts and what memories the site may bring back to you. I think the guy who has grown the site over the years as dedicated about DETROIT as our commish is about the FHL News Department. The leader of the site has been at it for about as long as the FHL, which is impressive.


This Website has grown out of a site that was dedicated to the "Fabulous Ruins of Detroit," which is under Tours History.

When you get to the main page, go to the far right of the main toolbar. Click on Tour Detroit. This then will bring you to second page and "Fabulous Ruins of Detroit."


Then, go on right side of page to Detroit Mon Amour Tours into the Heart of Detroit. Scroll down to 1997-98 and the original core tour of DetroitYes.

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Badger Bob SEZ: check out Website www.detroityes.com especially portion Fabulous Ruins of Detroit
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