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PostSubject: WEEK 20 (FINAL)   Sat Mar 14, 2015 11:42 am

With only four weeks remaining in the season the Misconducts have started their kick, a sterling 5.0 (2g, 1a) performance by Sean Monahan drawing his team to within 43.4 of third place ($100).

Misconducts: 54.4
Bluliners: 49.5

The Bluliners had one of their best performances in weeks but it wasn't enough to corral the Misconducts who won for the seventh time this season, their record now 7-13. More importantly GM Smalley's team now have a season ending payday in sight as they continue to chip away at the lead of the 3rd place Polar Bears. Despite the loss the Bluliners are taking comfort in the fact that they are no longer a resident of the basement, the beefy week placing them north of the last place Ice Cats.

Boulder Flyers: 58.1
Dream Team: 29.9

The Boulder Flyers had absolutely no trouble with the Dream Team as they improved to 13-7 for the season. In first place overall, the Flyers are lodged in 2nd place in the H2H standings, two games behind the Ice Hogs with only four weeks left to be played. The Dream Team are once again square, their record now 10-10. In the overall chase the Dreamers remain trapped in 6th place, 80.4 points behind the money.

Wild Ducks: 40.9
Redliners: 36.8

The week saw the Wild Ducks slip into second place overall but there was just enough juice in the tank to record a much-needed win, GM Collard's record now 13-7. The victory ensured that the H2H leading Ice Hogs remained "catchable" as the Wild Ducks continue to trail by two games. With injured players in their lineup the Redliners are drifting toward the finish line with the engine disengaged, another loss leaving the 7th place Reds with a record of 9-11.

Ice Hogs: 61.8
Timbers: 26.5

The Ice Hogs were the best team of Week 20 as they saw their record swell to 15-5. The clock is ticking loudly for those trying to dethrone the Hogs as they lead by two games with only four matches still on the docket. The stellar week has also brought GM Henry closer to the money as the Hogs now trail the 3rd place Polar Bears by just 12.1. Unexpectedly the Timbers recorded the lowest score of the week as GM Sarsynki's previously red-hot squad slipped to 8-12. Overall-wise the Timbers remain in 8th place yet stand only 2.4 steps from the basement door.

Ice Cats: 57.5
Polar Bears: 34.1

The Ice Cats took full advantage of a struggling Polar Bears team as they improved to 7-13. The overall picture isn't quite s bright as the Ice Cats were once again returned to the basement - though daylight is close as they trail the 9th place Bluliners by just 1.5. The Polar Bears slumped to 11-9 and are close to being mathematically removed from the H2H picture. Despite their troubles the overall standings find the Bears still sitting on green as they remain in third place, 53.0 points behind the first place Boulder Flyers.

LINK: Standings

Boulder Flyers v. Wild Ducks <--- Belle Tire "Match of the Week"
Timbers v. Bluliners
Misconducts v. Dream Team
Ice Cats v. Ice Hogs
Redliners v. Polar Bears
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