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PostSubject: WEEK 17 (FINAL)   Sat Feb 21, 2015 10:35 am

Alexander Steen added some frosting to the Wild Ducks Week 17 cake, his three assists (5.0 points) inflating his team's already gaudy numbers.

Wild Ducks: 75.7
Polar Bears: 42.9

It was a magical week for the Wild Ducks, 12-5, as they moved into first place in the overall standings and maintained their lead in the H2H chase. The Polar Bears stumbled to 10-7 in defeat and slipped even further in the all-important overall standings; the third place squad now trailing the first place Ducks by 36.7.

Boulder Flyers: 61.3
Timbers: 46.3

After a 5-6 start the Boulder Flyers won their sixth consecutive match, their 11-6 record placing them one game behind the Ice Hogs and Wild Ducks. As well as the Flyers are playing they couldn't keep pace with the Wild Ducks as they now trail by 13.2. The Timbers are now 6-11 on the year but more importantly are on level ground as they departed the FHL basement.

Dream Team: 46.0
Bluliners: 27.5

By routing the Bluliners the Dream Team improved to 9-8. Now in 7th place overall, the Dreamers sit 127.3 rows behind the first place Wild Ducks and 90.6 behind the money (third place). The Bluliners season took a turn for the worst as they were deposited in the cellar. In first place a year ago, the Bluliners are now dead last.

Ice Cats: 50.0
Redliners: 32.3

The Ice Cats finished the week on a high note as a 15.0 Friday put the finishing touches on the Redliners. Now 6-11 on the season, the 8th place Cats currently trail the Ducks by 183.7; the money by 147.0. The loss left the Redliners with a record of 9-8 and likely put and end to the team's H2H chances. In 6th place overall, the Reds trail the H2H leaders by three games.

Ice Hogs: 45.0
Misconducts: 38.9

The Ice Hogs continue to slide in the overall standings but their H2H future remains bright, another win leaving the 4th place overall team with a record of 12-5. With seven weeks remaining in the season the Hogs share the H2H lead with the also 12-5 Wild Ducks. The Misconducts are now 5-12 for the year; a league-low record that has left the 5th place overall team seven full games behind the Hogs and Ducks.

LINK: Standings

Polar Bears v. Boulder Flyers
Bluliners v. Redliners
Wild Ducks v. Ice Hogs <-- Belle Tire "Match of the Week"
Misconducts v. Ice Cats
Timbers v. Dream Team
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