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 WEEK 23 (thru Thursday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 23 (thru Thursday)   Fri Apr 04, 2014 1:32 pm

Both the FHL Cup and H2H2H championships could be decided by who doesn’t play as injuries have infected the three contending teams.

Dream Team: 34.8
Boulder Flyers: 34.9
Bluliners: 36.4

The banged-up Boulder Flyers and the limping Bluliners are tied for first place in the H2H2H race. They could still be tied heading into the final week of the season as the upset-minded Dream Team are lurking in the background, trailing the Bluliners by just 1.6.

Polar Bears: 56.0
Wild Ducks: 42.2
Misconducts: 29.9

With Alexander Steen and Andrej Sekera nursing injuries the Polar Bears lost ground to the first place Bluliners; trailing now by 20.5. The Bears are still sitting pretty with regard to another $3.00 win, their lead over the Wild Ducks 13.8.

Redliners: 25.6
Ice Cats: 36.7
Ice Hogs: 42.5

If the Ice Cats were to finish in the money this was the week that they had to make a move. The Boulder Flyers accommodated the Ice Cats chances with their poor play, but the Cats failed to take advantage, their money-hopes now quickly fading.

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 23 (thru Thursday)
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