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PostSubject: WEEK 17 (FINAL)   Sat Feb 01, 2014 3:41 am

Shea Weber capped an improbable Boulder Flyer comeback, ripping 9.0 (2 goals) on Friday.

Boulder Flyers: 66.0
Polar Bears: 62.3
Redliners: 46.0

• As they laced up their skates on Tuesday the Boulder Flyers trailed the Polar Bears by a 31.7. The huge deficit was erased over the next four days, the Flyers and Shea Weber stunning GM Elya’s squad on the final day of the week. The still-surging Flyers have won 5 consecutive matches and sit atop the H2H2H standings (tied with the Misconducts) with a record of 9-8. In the race for the FHL Cup, the once out-of-it Flyers now sit just 18.9 rows behind the first place Bluliners.
• Loses don’t come much harder to swallow as the snakebitten Polar Bears saw their H2H2H record dive to 4-13. Only two other teams have a record more dismal than the one carried by GM Elya. All is not bad news however as the Bears gained valuable ground on the first place Bluliners, clawing their way to within 5.5 of the FHL’s highest perch.
• The Redliners once again failed to snag a $3.00 win, their league-worst match record now 2-15. In the overall standings the outlook is as-gloomy, GM Megan’s slip-n-slide franchise now 194.4 behind the league’s best team.

Misconducts: 82.5
Ice Hogs: 64.7
Bluliners: 49.7

• The Misconducts rocked Week 17, posting the league’s highest score; a remarkable 82.5. The plethora of points providing GM Smalley with his 9th win of the season - shoving the Bluliners into second place in the H2H2H standings. The point-heavy week also fortified GM Smalley's Cup hopes, the veteran franchise now just 30.6 behind the first place Bluliners.
• The Ice Hogs picked the wrong week to mess with the Misconducts, their very respectable showing not even scuffing the thick armor of GM Smalley’s squad. Despite the loss the Ice Hogs, 4-13, did manage to close the gap in the overall race as they now sit just 89.7 back of the FHL front-runner.
• The Bluliners have managed to fend-off the Polar Bears but their substandard play has allowed a number of teams to fight their way back into Cup contention. For GM Hamilton the H2H2H scene isn’t pretty either, the Week 17 loss dropping the Bluliners into second place with a now losing record of 8-9.

Wild Ducks: 55.2
Ice Cats: 50.7
Dream Team: 46.9

• The Wild Ducks improved to 6-11 with the comeback win, leapfrogging the Ice Cats on the final day of the week. In the overall race the one-step-at-a-time Ducks are breathing down the Dream Team's neck, trailing the 7th spot in the standings by 6.1.
• The Ice Cats have slipped back into mediocrity - GM Cutshall’s once on-the-rise team now 3 back in the H2H2H standings; 84.0 back in the race for the coveted FHL Cup.
• Nothing positive to report from the Dream Team camp as the franchise fell to 3-14; their deficit in the overall race now 142.6. Doctor Steven Stamkos could soon be available to help - help that might arrive after this patient has been declared dead.

LINK: Standings

Bluliners v. Dream Team v. Ice Hogs
Boulder Flyers v. Misconducts v. Polar Bears <-- Belle Tire "Match of the Week"
Ice Cats v. Redliners v. Wild Ducks
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