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 WEEK 17 (thru Thursday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 17 (thru Thursday)   Fri Jan 31, 2014 3:07 am

Jumping down from the shelf on Saturday, Flyer Zach Parise hit the floor running, pocketing 8.0 (2g, 2a) on Thursday.

Polar Bears: 57.8
Boulder Flyers: 57.0
Redliners: 41.6

Midweek the Boulder Flyers, 8-8, appeared to have a zero chance of winning their 5th consecutive match. Winning their 5th consecutive match is suddenly a possibility, a 23.0 Thursday catapulting Morgan's Flyers to within 0.8 of the now in second place Polar Bears.

Misconducts: 66.8
Ice Hogs: 55.9
Bluliners: 49.7

The Bluliners filled their basket with 19.7 on Thursday, barreling past the slow-churning Bears to retake the lead in all-important overall standings. Second place is what awaits GM Hamilton in the H2H2H race, his Bluliners, 8-8, trailing the Misconducts, 8-8, by a seemingly insurmountable 17.1.

Ice Cats: 50.7
Wild Ducks: 49.5
Dream Team: 43.8

With one day remaining in the week and a $3.00 victory on the line, the Ice Cats, 6-10, have managed to stay ahead of the Wild Ducks, 5-11. While the Dreamers, 3-13, are a long shot to prevail, Collard's Ducks have a good shot at winning their 6th, trailing Cutshall's Cats by a mere 1.2.

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 17 (thru Thursday)
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