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PostSubject: WEEK 16 (FINAL)   Sat Jan 25, 2014 3:43 am

The Misconducts and Boulder Flyers both won; the Bluliners lost. Result: A three-way tie for first.

Misconducts: 69.2
Bluliners: 57.0
Wild Ducks: 50.1

The up-and-down season of the Misconducts continues as GM Smalley's squad - after a dismal Week 15 - harnessed one of their biggest victories of the season, knocking down the Bluliners to regain a share of first place in the H2H2H $25.00 standings.
The Bluliners rallied on Friday but still fell far short of the Misconducts, stumbling to 8-8 for the season - numbers that have locked the Bluliners in a three-way tie with the yo-yo Misconducts and the hard-charging Boulder Flyers.
The Wild Ducks are still trying to recover from their horrid start to the season. While GM Collard's squad is playing better, the hole they're standing in is cavernous; trailing the first place Bluliners by 154.2; the money (3rd place) by 119.0.

Boulder Flyers: 71.3
Polar Bears: 66.7
Ice Hogs: 43.7

The Boulder Flyers continue to soar as they posted the week's highest score en route to winning their 4th consecutive match. Adrift in early January with seemingly no hope of finishing in the money, the Flyers are now tied for first in the H2H2H race; 35.2 points behind the Bluliners in the chase for the Cup.
The Polar Bears fell just shy of a $3.00 win, their match record even more abysmal at 4-12. In the race for the FHL Cup, GM Elya's second place squad continue to pester the Bluiners, trailing by 18.1 with 9 weeks remaining in the season.
The Ice Hogs keep spinning their wheels, falling to 4-12 for the year. GM Henry's squad is now 4 games back in the H2H2H standings and 104.7 points behind the front-running Bluliners.

Ice Cats: 45.1
Redliners: 44.6
Dream Team: 24.5

The Ice Cats endured a mediocre week but still managed to uncork a victory, clipping the Redliners to improve to 6-10; just two games back of first place. In the Cup-race, GM Cutshall's team is still viable, trailing the money (3rd place) by just 49.8.
Once again the Redliners started strong and finished wrong, clipped again at the tape. For the season the Redliners are 2-14, 6 games behind the leaders. The basement steps are also farther away as the Redliners trail the 8th place Ducks by 36.5.
Last week the Dream Team had the league's lowest score. This week the Dream Team had the league's lowest score. If the trend continues, a seat in the FHL basement is practically assured.

LINK: Standings

Bluliners v. Ice Hogs v. Misconducts
Boulder Flyers v. Polar Bears v. Redliners
Dream Team v. Ice Cats v. Wild Ducks
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