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 WEEK 16 (thru Saturday)

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PostSubject: WEEK 16 (thru Saturday)   Sun Jan 19, 2014 11:36 am

Martin St. Louis dragged the Misconducts back into the mix (and into 4th place) ripping 14.0 (4g) on Saturday.

Misconducts: 33.0
Bluliners: 17.0
Wild Ducks: 18.1

If the Misconducts win this match they will pull level with the Bluliners in the race for the H2H2H $25.00 bonus. So far so good as GM Smalley's team scorched Saturday for 33.0 and lead the shell-shocked Wild Ducks by 14.9; the equally shell-shocked Bluliners by 16.0  

Boulder Flyers: 17.6
Ice Hogs: 10.7
Polar Bears: 18.0

One game back in the H2H2H race, the Boulder Flyers need a win to remain in the chase. After one day the Polar Bears are the blockade in Morgan's road, an 18.0 effort placing GM Elya's second place team in front of both the Flyers and Hogs.

Redliners: 12.5
Ice Cats: 8.0
Dream Team: 4.0

The Ice Cats should be licking their lips, matched against the last place Redliners and the fast-fading Dream Team. The Redliners aren't going easy as they currently nurse a 4.5 advantage. The Dream Team are going easy.  

LINK: Standings
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WEEK 16 (thru Saturday)
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