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PostSubject: WEEK 15 (FINAL)   Sat Jan 18, 2014 4:24 am

Marian Hossa deposited two goals on Friday, ensuring his Ice Cats team would win their 5th match of the season.

Ice Cats: 53.3
Polar Bears: 45.8
Misconducts: 40.0

The Ice Cats were horrible at the start of the season, another forgettable campaign seemingly in the cards. The tide turned in November when GM Cutshall took the bull by the horns, sculpting a team that is now in the hunt for the FHL Cup. In the H2H2H standings the Ice Cats remain 3 games back of the Bluliners, their won/loss record now 5-10.
The Polar Bears are enjoying a memorable chase for the FHL Cup, and remarkably, a horrible showing in H2H2H competition. Currently seated in second place overall, the Polar Bears have compiled a woeful match record of 4-11; third worst in the league.
The Misconducts inconsistent play continues as Week 15 dropped GM Smalley's team into second place in the H2H2H race. In the Cup race the Misconducts are trekking in the wrong direction, the 5th place squad now 75.6 behind the Bluliners.

Bluliners: 53.2
Ice Hogs: 48.8
Redliners: 34.4

The Bluliners are now the sole occupant of first place in the H2H2H race. With a record of 8-7, GM Hamilton's team is one game better than the Misconducts and the new-to-the-party Boulder Flyers. In the FHL Cup race the Bluliners continue to rule, their lead still smile-worthy at 27.8.
The Ice Hogs played well but their effort fell short, the loss saddling GM Henry with a record of 4-11; 4 games back of the Bluliners. In the overall standings the Hogs are struggling to maintain their grip, their deficit now 91.4 with 10 weeks remaining in the season.
The Redliners, 2-13, appeared to be on the brink of exiting the basement. It was not to be as yet another slippery step has pushed GM Megan further south, her Redliners now trailing the 8th place Ducks by 31.0; the first place Bluliners by 178.3.

Boulder Flyers: 55.8
Wild Ducks: 47.6
Dream Team: 22.2

The Boulder Flyers continue to soar, their numbers the best of Week 15. With the 2013-14 season galloping around the third turn, the Flyers stand 49.5 behind the first place Bluliners; and with a record of 7-8, sit one game back in the heated H2H2H race.
The Wild Ducks gave the Boulder Flyers a run for their money but fell shy of another $3.00 payday, their season record now 5-10. In the overall race the veteran franchise remain in a precarious situation, 97.8 points separating GM Collard from a money-paying finish (3rd place).
Steven Stamkos is sitting on the Dream Team shelf, wondering to himself "What the hell is going on!" The walls that needed only paint in December are now beginning to collapse, the abandoned team's chances of finishing in the money practically nil.

LINK: Standings

Bluliners v. Misconducts v. Wild Ducks <--- Belle Tire "Match of the Week"
Boulder Flyers v. Ice Hogs v. Polar Bears
Dream Team v. Ice Cats v. Redliners
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